Everyone is different, and not every child is suited to the classic education system. Most schools which use traditional teaching methods can alienate students with learning difficulties or those with lesser academic abilities.

The Centre Where Adolescents Learn to Love and Serve (CALLS) is a center which was specifically created to help non-academic students excel in skills-based training. The Centre provides students who’ve failed conventional exams with valuable guidance and alternative vocational learning opportunities. CALLS is a two-year intensive program which ensures young people are career-ready by the time they leave.

The first year focuses on giving students essential literacy and numeracy skills, and has the added benefit of tailoring classes to the level of the students. Students also learn additional skills such as languages, hospitality, farming, handicrafts and sewing.

Whilst being a vital lifeline for students who wish to achieve excellence in a vocational field, some students are unable to afford the tuition for the program. At Range Developments, we see this as an opportunity to support aspiring and hard-working students who are struggling with the tuition fees for the coming academic year