Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the very heart of Range Developments. There is a well-known saying which states ‘together we are stronger’. And in our experience, this certainly holds true!

We firmly believe that giving back to the community is a highly rewarding way of moving it forward. By working with local communities at a grassroots level to tackle various social issues, we aim to become an integral part of society. Our CSR portfolio is as diverse as it is impactful and our prime focus is on helping four core areas as follows:

Our Children

Empowering young people to aspire to a brighter future starts with education and opportunities for personal growth. Our CSR projects are designed to motivate, inspire and actively help students make more meaningful career choices.

Our Families

Families are the heart of the home. Our CSR projects focus on alleviating financial strain in the operational aspects of the day to day running of various organizations. Key areas we focus on include children with disabilities and the elderly.

Our Entrepreneurs

The future of any community lies in the success of its people to achieve more and do more. This is why our key CSR initiatives mean investing into education, training and skills development in young people. Securing the future of the youth means they enter the world of work career-ready and can contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Our Community

Helping the community prosper is key to our CSR activities. This is why our community projects have centered around disaster relief and funding for local non-profits that are actively working within the communities for the benefit of others.

A fundamental tenet of our Corporate Social Responsibility involves sponsoring worthwhile community projects and events. Should you wish to recommend worthwhile opportunities for us to consider, please contact kamila.ondrackova@rangedevelopments.com