Children who are born with disabilities face enormous challenges in Dominica, largely due to a lack of resources and help available to them. One such resource however, is a special needs school called Isulukati, based in Kalinago Territory, a home to the remaining descendents of the first inhabitants of the island.

The school, which means Crayfish River in the Kalingo language, caters to students at pre-school level and young adults with a variety of disabilities. The school helps to educate young people with disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome, hearing impairment, Cerebral Palsy and general learning disabilities.

Isulukati currently educates around 60 students of various abilities. However, only 12 attend regularly for two sessions daily which includes academics and some skills training. Due to the lack of resources, Isulukati is unable to provide activities or day trips outside of the school itself.

Range Developments was delighted to get involved with this fantastic school, and sponsored the travel cost for their upcoming 7-day trip to Martinique for the students who regularly attend. It’s amazing how a change of environment and a whole new series of activities can breathe new life into everyone involved. This is an extremely worthwhile project that we are very excited to be supporting!

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